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Layer: Toronto Community Crisis Service Area (ID: 75)

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Name: Toronto Community Crisis Service Area

Display Field: AREA_NAME

Type: Feature Layer

Geometry Type: esriGeometryPolygon

Description: The Toronto Community Crisis Service (TCCS) is a community-based service with multidisciplinary teams of crisis workers who responds to non-emergency calls from people in crisis and requests for wellbeing checks. The TCCS is one of the key priority actions under SafeTO, Toronto’s 10 Year Community Safety and Wellbeing Plan. Individuals aged 16 years and older can access the TCCS by calling 211 or 911. Multidisciplinary crisis teams will respond to calls received based on the call type, location, and availability of teams. The TCCS was designed to serve individuals who are experiencing a mental health crisis and to connect them to the supports they need. It has intentionally prioritized communities that are impacted by over-policing, and that have lived experience of mental health issues and substance use. The TCCS is being led by four community agencies in collaboration with networks of other health and social service providers. The TCCS has launched in four areas of Toronto that were intentionally selected based on: areas with the highest volumes of "Persons In Crisis” calls, areas with the highest Mental Health Act (MHA) apprehension rates, the volumes of calls attended by the Mobile Crisis Intervention Teams (MCIT), and geographic equity (i.e. the availability of mental health and supportive services) and alignment with Neighbourhood Improvement Areas.

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