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Legend (cot_geospatial11)

City Ward (0)
Streetscape Manual (1)
Special Special
Major Major
Existing Main Existing Main
Emerging Main Emerging Main
Scenic Scenic
Intermediate Intermediate
Special Area Special Area
Zoning Area Label (2)
Zoning Area (3)
Residential Residential
Residential Apartment Residential Apartment
Commercial Commercial
Commercial Residential Commercial Residential
CRE - Commercial Residential Employment CRE - Commercial Residential Employment
Employment Employment
Institutional Institutional
Parks and Open Space Parks and Open Space
Utility / Transportation Utility / Transportation
Zoning Boundary1000 (4)
Zoning Boundary5000 (5)
Zoning Boundary10000 (6)
Zoning Boundary50000 (7)
Zoning Former Municipality Bylaws (8)
Zoning Height Overlay (9)
Zoning Lot Coverage Overlay (10)
Zoning Map Tile (11)
Zoning Not Part of This Bylaw (12)
Zoning Policy Area Overlay (13)
Zoning Policy Road Overlay (14)
Zoning Policy Road Overlay5000 (15)
Zoning Policy Road Overlay10000 (16)
Zoning Policy Road Overlay50000 (17)
Zoning Property Summary (18)
Zoning Rooming House Overlay (19)
Archaeological Potential (20)
9999 9999
Urban Planning and Development District (21)
Urban Planning and Development District Label (22)
IBMS District (23)
IBMS District Label (24)
IBMS Grid (25)
IBMS Grid Label (26)
Housing Value Threshold (27)
Housing Value Threshold Label (28)
Housing Zone (29)
Housing Zone Label (30)
Provincially Significant Wetland (31)
<all other values> <all other values>
0000 0000
Provincially Significant Wetland Label (32)
Natural Heritage System (line) (33)
Natural Heritage System (polygon) (34)
Provincially Significant ANSI (35)
ANSI, Earth Science ANSI, Earth Science
ANSI, Life Science ANSI, Life Science
Provincially Significant ANSI Label (36)
Provincial Greenbelt (37)
Heritage Shoreline (line) (38)
Heritage Shoreline (polygon) (39)
Heritage District (40)
Heritage District Label (41)
Secondary Plan (44)
Secondary Plan Label (45)
Site and Area Specific Policy (46)
Community Planning Boundary (47)
Community Planning Boundary Label (48)
Natural Heritage Line (49)
Environmentally Significant Area (50)
Environmentally Significant Area Label (51)